savings & budgeting models

Increased oversight of your savings and spending allows your family to have more clarity on the path to achieving your financial targets.

risk analysis

Protecting your wealth accumulation is a key priority in any financial plan. We perform a risk analysis for you and your family to ensure the proper tools are in place.

Financial Planning

We provide a comprehensive financial plan to help with your financial goals.

tax efficiency

We stay current on tax codes and regulations to ensure that your asset growth is not limited by a lack of tax oversight.

investment management

We offer truly unbiased and independent advice to guide investment choices that are in your best interest.

tax preparation

By being a trusted adviser, and maintaining a year-round relationship with our clients, we are able to better position clients to use all available credits and deductions and minimize tax liability.


With ever-changing tax laws, tax efficiency is becoming a more integral part of your family’s financial plan. If taxes are not properly managed, they can significantly diminish your chances of attaining your financial goals.​

Now more than ever our financial futures require comprehensive analysis to maintain success. We want you to understand not only your financial picture of today, but also your retirement and legacy for tomorrow.

Financial Planning & Investment Management

Tax Advisory & Accounting




Welcome To Legacy Care Wealth, LLC

Our high attention to customized service and our independent advice is what truly sets us apart. This quality of service coupled with a clear path towards financial goals allows our clients to attain their dreams.


JULY 9, 2015

Awarded 2015 Best of Jersey City Awards

​for Financial Planning

MAR 20, 2014

Literacy Exchange Panel

Robert Colon was featured on a Literacy Exchange Panel entitled, "Money: Financial Literacy For Extraordinary Goals" at WORD Bookstore in Jersey City, NJ.

Legacy Care Wealth is family owned and operated and based in Jersey City, NJ to service New Jersey and the greater New York City area. We create comprehensive financial plans that fully capture your current and future wealth pictures. We employ comprehensive financial planning, tax efficiency planning, business management, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and savings and budgeting models to capture cash flows for clients that align with their life goals. We strive to understand and communicate a comprehensive view of family wealth and business success. Through our fee-based platform, we are aligned ​with our clients’ interests to maximize wealth.
OCT 28, 2014

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